My first job was to set up a photo unit in the Graphic design School at Manchester. It was here I saw designers working and took a keen interest in fine print and typography. Below are a few examples of my designs, from top left, Kodak Calendar 1966, Esso Magazine cover,  mural designs lower right and the house style logo for Stillit Books. For ten years I was typographic designer on my wife’s literary society magazine Avalaunius, and recently I designed an issue of PAGE 65 the Computer Art Society’s journal. It was partly on account of these interests that I was appointed as Head of Graphic Design at Newport Art College South Wales 1980-89. Camera building is another design interest, see below.

Camera building/engineering

In my architectural work I needed  a super wide-angle camera  so I built a 6x9 cm pancake camera and then went on to make a series of them in both 6x9 and 5x4 in sizes. They are shown below, most one-off prototypes but I did produce a limited run of five. All sold. The engineering skills were useful in building precision drawing machines.