NSEW  plotters

The first drawing is one of the latest from the NSEW plotter where the XY instructions send the pen to a location, it then stops and begins to draw a circle. Depending on the programmer it may or may not complete this before going onto the next location. This ‘go somewhere, stop and draw something’ notion is a step forward. The next image is from the NSEWsp plotter using ‘sun and planet’ cams to add richness to the instructions to the four motors. (two suns and two planets) this system was a major breakthrough in achieving a gestural quality of line. The second image is from the NSEW plotter coupled with a pen rotator i.e. three inputs, X,Y and pen rotate all separately programmed. CLICK ON THE FIRST PICTURE TO GO TO MACHINES

The drawing above left is a recent one using a five pen rotor on the NSEW machine. This has not been possible in the past due to problems in keeping all five pens in good contact with the paper.