Since I was at Art School I have written for the photographic press which helped to establish two schools of photography at Derby and Manchester. Following a Kodak Scholarship in Rochester  USA, Dr Michael Hallett and myself wrote the first programme learning text for photographers in the form of Stillit books below. Two more followed, ‘Beyond Photography’ for Focal Press, which dealt with the use of the photographic image in fine print, and ‘The Illustrated Dictionary of Photography’ for Fountain Press, jointly authored, but from my original idea to teach theory by drawings. It went on to win a Time Life award in 1973 for the joint best book of the year. A recent book is a documentary of the year in the life of a parish church, called the Curate’s Kingdom. The other books are out of print.  The Curate’s Kingdom book went well and is also out of print. Beyond Photography is now collectible via ebay.

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